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Rocky Mountain

We turned 30 last year and it feels great. No middle-age anxiety, just excitement about reaching our glory years. We’re older, we’re wiser, and we’ve never made better bikes than right now. Not bad for a little bike company born in the basement of a Vancouver BC bike shop, eh?

Since we started way back then, Rocky Mountain has developed a reputation for quality and innovation. We’re proud of our work and our customers are proud to own the bikes we make.

In 1981, employees at that Vancouver bike shop where Rocky Mountain was born realized there was a huge demand for high quality mountain bikes. They began importing mountain bike frames from California to sell to their customers. To meet the exploding demand, they formed Rocky Mountain Bicycles and began importing and manufacturing frames to their exact specifications. The early years of Rocky Mountain served as an incubator for the west coast mountain bike industry, with a handful of employees branching off to start several internationally successful bike companies.

We’ve come a long way since our modest beginning, but our core values have never changed. These values are the reason Rocky Mountain bikes are as sought after today as they were in 1981.


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